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2022 – 2023 Reference Information and Policies

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  The office is closed on weekends, evenings and holidays. 

Make-up Policy

We will no longer be offering make ups in our programs for juniors and adults.  In order to ensure the highest quality in every clinic and with increasing volume of players, therefore limited space, we need to eliminate our make-up policy.
This does not include clinics that fall on a holiday and that are rescheduled.  Nor does this policy change include cancelled clinics due to weather.

Registration Information

Registrations are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Registrations are accepted via phone, mail, or e-mail.  Registrations are only accepted through the office.  Please do not give forms or verbal registrations to the tennis pros.  Registrations must be received no later than One Week Before the Start Date of the Session.  Sessions always begin on Mondays.

Payment Policy

Payment in full is required before the start date of the session.  A $25 late fee applies if not prepaid.  Late Fees will accrue monthly.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and personal checks.  You may pay via credit card by mail, phone, or e-mail. Tennis pros do not accept payments for clinics.

Family Discounts

Discounts are given to families that have 2 or more children enrolled in concurrent sessions.  Before mailing your registration with your payment, call the office to have the correct discount calculated.  We cannot offer discounts to adults.  


Refunds are given only in the case of long-term injury or long-term illness.  Please notify the office of events such as these as soon as the first class is missed. The office cannot refund money or give make-up classes for a session that has already ended.  Refunds/House Credits will not be issued due to loss of interest or another sport.

House Credits

House credits are good for one year from the date of issue.  They can be used for any member of the family.  House credits may be applied to any of our offerings with the exception of private lessons. 

Pro-Rated Fees

Pro-rated fees are available for players joining a clinic after the start date.  We cannot hold spots in advance for students, but if space is available, you may join a clinic at any time.  Please call the office for information specific to your needs.  

Clinic Cancellations

Outdoor Season: Clinics will be cancelled only in the event of inclement weather.  The teaching pros determine if clinics will be cancelled due to the weather.  If the weather looks threatening, please like us on Facebook to get the latest cancellations and make up postings. You can also please call the Tennis Hut at 412-831-7556 to see if the class has been cancelled.   In the event of cancellation, the office will reschedule the class. Please go to our website to find out your make up schedule or visit us on Facebook to find the latest make up postings.
Holidays:  Clinics are not held on Thanksgiving, Christmas and during Easter.  These precanceled days do not affect the number of playing weeks in any session. Clinics are also not held on Labor Day, Halloween (only evening clinic times), Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  The office will reschedule these clinics and we ask you to go on our website www. or Facebook to find out your make-up date.

Student Evaluations

The teaching pros make every effort to communicate with parents regarding their child’s development.  Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress with his or her teacher.  If you are unable to go to the courts with your child, call the office to request an evaluation.  We will be happy to put you in touch with the pro or have a written evaluation mailed to you.  Advancement through our levels can only be decided by a pro. 

Private and Semi-Private Lessons 

Ongoing private and semi-private lessons are available to junior players enrolled in USCTDP clinics.  The minimum clinic participation is one day per week.  This ensures that players who are in our clinics are given first priority in private lesson scheduling.  Adults are exempt from the clinic requirement.

Fees:  Private and semi-private lessons are scheduled directly with the teaching pro.  Private lesson fees are paid directly to the pro, and fees vary from pro to pro.  Private and semi-private fees are expected at the time of the lesson.  Pros cannot accept credit cards for these services.  If you do not have a pro in mind or would like fee information, please call the office.  

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy:  All pros require a 24-hour advance notice of cancellations.  Please notify your teaching pro at home and at the Tennis Hut.  Pros reserve the right to charge full price for lessons that were not cancelled in advance.  

Walk-on Time

Indoor Season:  Juniors enrolled in Level 3, 4, 5, & 5.5 clinics receive free indoor walk-on time during the session that they are enrolled.

Outdoor Season:  Walk-on time is not available for any players during the outdoor season.  All players must obtain Tennis Permits, offered through the USC Department of Recreation and Leisure Services, to play at USC Municipal Tennis Courts.  However, to participate in any USCTDP offerings during the outdoor season, permits are not required.

Janice Irwin -

 PTR Head Teaching Professional


Lance Falce -

PTR Senior Teaching Professional

Janice Irwin- Director

Augie Garofoli -

USPTA Teaching Professional

Augie Garofoli - Program Coordinator

Doug Addington -

PTR Teaching Professional

Sandra Viehoever - Office Manager

Marcy Bruce

Renee Connors

    Ray Halackna

Janis Finn

Mike Lucente

Chad Brown

Silas Hall

Ryan Taucher


PTR Teaching Professional , Cardio Director, TRX Cardio Director

PTR Teaching Professional

PTR Teaching Professional

PTR Teaching Professional

USPTA Teaching Professional- Director of ROG

TR Teaching Professional

NETA Certified Personal Trainor, High Performance Personal Trainor

PTR Teaching Professional


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