The Difference

Mindful of busy lives and demanding schedules, we strive to make it easy and enjoyable to work with us.


Our administrative team is ready to assist you by phone, email, or in person. From registering for clinics to receiving a progress report, we are ready, willing, and able to help.
Sandra Viehoever, Chief Operating Officer
We're passionate about offering the best that tennis can offer, we adhere to USTA ROGY standards for junior players.

What is ROGY?

ROGY is an acronym for the progression of tennis balls that junior players use as they grow older, beginning with low-compression balls and later to the traditional balls associated with tennis. We adopted USTA standards, including the use of RED balls for children five and older, ORANGE balls for children eight and older, and GREEN balls for children 10 and older. When 12 year-olds have progressed through the low-compression ball lineup and are ready for advanced competition on a full-size court, they play with the standard ball. As students progress, they graduate to the traditional YELLOW balls.

Not all players progress at the same rate, so advancement can only be decided by a teaching professional. Our teaching pros make every effort to communicate with parents regarding their child’s development. We will be happy to put you in touch with the pro or provide an evaluation.

Mike Lucente, USPTA Teaching Professional & ROG Director

Committed to program innovation, we offer Cardio Tennis.

What is Cardio Tennis?

Taught by licensed cardio, tennis professionals, Cardio Tennis is a high-energy group fitness class that empowers brand new tennis players and strengthens the abilities of seasoned players. Designed for cardiovascular exercise, Cardio Tennis features a series of warm-up activities and drills, followed by three games and a cool-down. Offered as a group fitness class with 6-8 people on the court, women generally lose 300-500 calories/hour, men 500-1000 calories/hour.

USPTA & PTR Teaching Professional/ Cardio Tennis Director, TRX Tennis Cardio Director
Marcy Bruce, USPTA & PTR Teaching Professional/ Cardio Tennis Director, TRX Tennis Cardio Director

We're dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams, we sponsor a Travel Team.

What is a Travel Team?

For junior players who aspire to play on high school teams or increase their confidence and capability for competitive play, USCTDP offers a summer Travel Team that competes with other teams from across the Pittsburgh region. Participants gain assurance in keeping score, calling lines, and applying strategy.